When Pigs Fly

This site was created by two Biotechnology students researching various aspects of the recent outbreak of swine flu. On this site we will explore the background, Biotechnology innovations, social and political outcomes, as well as the ethical aspects surrounding swine flu. 


This video is a 1976 Swine Flu propoganda advertisement. Contrary to popular belief, this swine flu virus did not first originate in recent times.





On January 11, 2009 a swine flu epidemic hit the United States and Mexico. The virus, also known as H1N1, causes a respiratory flu-like infection of pigs and can unintentionally infect humans who are near a pig carrying the disease. Although it is not air born, it is contagious and can be passed from human to human though contact. This could likely become a global epidemic. As of right now there is a vaccine that is out to counter the disease. There are two different vaccines and doctors urge to get both just to be sure. But as of now, thankfully, the swine flu has not lived up to expectations of being a global epidemic. 



 By: Sarah Woolston and Peter Vanenburg


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